I provide person-specific massage sessions for those who are on the cancer journey. An oncology massage means that I adapt my practice to meet the unique and changing needs of someone undergoing treatment for cancer or who has undergone cancer treatment. My advanced training in Oncology massage gives me the tools and knowledge to offer a supportive, safe, and nourishing massage that works with the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. This massage is an adaptation of my regular techniques to serve you wherever you are at on your healing journey. Learn more about the benefits of massage for cancer clients. 

PrE- & Perinatal


Massage is an incredibly supportive therapy for pregnant women and new mothers by providing nurturing and therapeutic care throughout this extraordinary journey. Pregnancy is a profound experience of change for a women's physical and emotional state, and bodywork can help you find ease, comfort, and space during these changes. Pre- and perinatal massage simply means a regular massage session that we have adapted with our extensive knowledge to best serve you during this journey. This often includes side-lying positioning, focused work on lower-back and hips, and posture adjustments. Massage therapy can help support and nurture you throughout this time of growth, prepare the body for labor, and support you after child birth.  Bodywork can help relieve muscular and emotional stress and tension so that you and your baby are happy and healthy during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.  

For prenatal women it can address:

  • edema
  • postural changes
  • pain in the lower back, pelvis, and hips
  • alleviate stress on joints
  • increase circulation
  • emotional support
  • support sleep
  • prepare the body for labor

For postpartum women it can address:

  • realignment of posture
  • toning of abdominal musculature
  • muscle strain from caring for your baby
  • Cesarean scar healing

I completed advanced training in pre- and perinatal massage from Carole Osborne. Click here to read more about the benefits of pre- and perinatal massage.

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