Therapeutic Massage


Rose weaves together Eastern and Western techniques while listening to the body with an intuitive touch. Balancing deep tissue and trigger therapy with more subtle, energetic practices allows for release of strained muscles as well as space for you to relax into your body. As a certified yoga teacher, herbalist, and devoted meditator, I offer a holistic session that is informative, therapeutic, and relaxing. Each session is a reflection of what you desire in that moment,  whether that is a deep tissue, aroma-acupressure, or Esalen massage. I create a safe space for you to be supported in deepening your connection to your whole self. Each of our massage therapy sessions strives to offer just what is needed in that moment to bring your mind and body into balance. 

I am committed to using only the highest-quality organic massage oils, lotions, and essential oils.


complimentary Aromatherapy

If you would like to use essential oils to help deepen your experience, I will include aromatherapy in your session. Essential oils are a powerful tool to encourage a positive mental state, mind/body connection, release of tension, and healing of the physical body. I source only the highest quality essential oils from Young Living.

I practice aroma-acupressure which weaves together acupressure and plant medicine by matching essential oils with complimentary acupressure points. In this practice, the points and the oils support each other by enhancing and directing each other's properties. For example, I use lavender -a very calming oil- on Liver 3 -a point that helps with grounding energy. Aroma-acupressure can support you in a wide range of issues from immunity and neck/shoulder tension to PMS, insomnia, and mental clarity. Before beginning a treatment session we will discuss what we want to work with during the session. The ultimate intention of this treatment is to bring your body into a state of balance.



Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage stimulates the lymph system which boosts the immune system, increases metabolism, clears blockages, aids detoxification, reduces inflammation, and helps with scar tissue repair. The lymphatic system is a system of vessels and lymph nodes that helps regulate the immune system, calm the nervous system, and transport fluid and waste through the body. When the lymphatic system is overloaded or injured, we experience inflammation, low immunity, and high toxicity in our body. This massage modality is slow, light, and deeply relaxing to the nervous systems. I have received training from the Dr. Vodder School International of Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Here are videos from the Dr. Vodder School about MLD and indications for MLD.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a subtle practice of deep listening to the body and inviting the body into balance by releasing tension in the cranial area, spine, and sacrum. This modality is especially effective at unwinding the nervous system and supporting people post-trauma(especially to the head). It is often experienced as a deep joint meditation. My training is with the Upledger Institute and here are their FAQs.

Chi Neitsang

Chi Neitsang is traditional Chinese abdominal massage that addresses the body from the core - the abdominal area. I have trained with Gilles Marin in the Bay Area as well as in Thailand with Pi Jem. Sound healing through vocalizing the organ’s sounds are often integrated into Chi Neitsang because it allows for expression and harmonizing of the organ system. Here is an introduction to Chi Neitsang from Gilles Marin.

Pregnancy Massage

Pre- and perinatal massage supports and nurtures a mother during this demanding physical and emotional time. A massage can provide much needed relief from tense and stressed joints and muscles, as well as reduce inflammation and edema by improving circulation. It can also help improve postural alignment, quality of sleep, emotional well-being, and ease of labor. Specialized massage techniques and pillows will support you throughout the massage to ensure your comfort and safety.

Massage is ideal for women after the first trimester through labor and postpartum. Post-postpartum massage is an important way to support a mother while she is caring for her baby and undergoing emotional challenges. At this point bodywork can help restore postural alignment and abdominal tone.

Oncology Massage

I provide person-specific massage sessions for those who are on the cancer journey. An oncology massage means that I adapt my practice to meet the unique and changing needs of someone undergoing treatment for cancer or who has undergone cancer treatment. My advanced training in Oncology massage gives me the tools and knowledge to offer a supportive, safe, and nourishing massage that works with the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. This massage is an adaptation of my regular techniques to serve you wherever you are at on your healing journey. Learn more about the benefits of massage for cancer clients. 

Initial Intake: A 10-30 minute intake is part of your first session. Please fill out and print the client intake form.

Cancellation Policy: In honor of our commitments, if one of us unfortunately has to cancel within 48 hours of the appointment we owe either a 40% payment or 40% off your next massage.

Sick Policy: Please cancel an appointment if you are feeling sick with the flu or fever out of respect for my space, myself, and other clients. Massage also tends to aggravate illness, and therefore is not recommended.


New Client Special - 75 minutes:$90

60 minutes: $100

75 minutes: $125

90 minutes: $140

120 minutes: $190

Package Discount: Purchase 4 massage and receive $10 off each session.

Travel Fee: I offer mobile massage in Marin County and I am based out of Fairfax. Depending on your location, mobile massage might include a $10-20 travel fee. If you have a table at your home I will waive the travel fee.

Massage Parties: Gather 3-4 people at your home for a full day of relaxation, and I will waive any travel fees.

— please inquire for a sliding scale —

gift certificates available


Schedule : location

Tuesdays: Downtown Santa Rosa, Flourish Integrative Health

Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday: Downtown San Anselmo, The Centre Studio